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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ringin in the New Year!

Happy 2010 to all! I still write the year '09 but I am slowly getting use to 2010. Hope everybody had a great new year. Travis and I rang in the new year with his parents and grandparents. It was a lovely weekend. When they got here thursday late afternoon they settled in and then we headed out for a night on the dinner that is! ha! we had a wonderful meal in our own little cove room that was perfect for us. We were home by 9:30 and even managed to stay awake to ring in the new year...well, in new york,..we saw the ball drop at 11:00 our time and said the heck with it..and off to bed we all went. The rest of the weekend was just relaxing. No plans was great! Nana/gigi and grandaddy were able to visit odessa were they grew up and painted the town. While they were over there Travis took them (including trae and amy) by the hospital where and I work and where baby Ty will be born. Since Travis and I will more than likely not be able to pick them up and take them to the hopsital...we might be just a tad bit busy! So that was good.

Of course on saturday, through all the turmoil and disappointment of the previous week, we cheered on the Texas Tech Red Raiders with my parents and our friends the Barelas.

It was a great weekend and glad the Roby's were able to come visit. It's exciting to think that next time they visit little Ty will be here! yay!

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