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Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's all comin' together!

Over the weekend we were graciously given another baby shower in Midland. More outpouring of love for Ty! he got all kinds of precious goodies, bedding and.. Casey surprised me with my diaper exciting!Travis and I appreciate everything everyone has done for our little boy...we just can't wait for him to get here! But, now he has everything he needs and more for his arrival, which we are anxiously awaiting...all in due time though. Travis and I have both been so blessed in having such wonderful family and friends who support us through everything! Here are a few pictures of the shower...they did such a great was a great time.So now Ty's room is really starting to come together! yay! It's so exciting...and I know he'll love it! Yesterday I did his laundry...first time laundry was actually fun! Although i must say I have never been so nervous doing laundry because I will be the first to admit I really stink at laundry. See, laundry is definitely not my forte...and i was super careful about sorting and cycle choices. I thought I might have had a goof already with a red article but luckily everything was still it's original color! hehe! Since I mainly wear scrubs and Travis' clothes go the dry cleaners everything else is wash and dry-able but for those who need ironing they typically don't get ironed for exaggeration! poor travis! Oh, and stains, well, they never get out! mainly because i forget they are in the clothing item before I wash and dry them..once again, sorry Trav! Sadly but fortunately, I have my mom a mile away who still helps get stains out, fixes flaws and gives advice for laundry! Anywho..i say all of this because now that i am about to be a mom i really need to figure this whole laundry thing out..especially having a boy...stains I know will happen! :) ANYWAYS..back to Ty! all of his little things are washed and put away and ready for him to wear, sleep on, be swaddled in..etc! again, just ready for him to get here! So here is a picture of his room and his shoes:)...please excuse the's still a work in progress..and it was laundry day! stay tuned for more room pics as I hope to have everything completed by this weekend..

so, we are doing great! we go to the dr next week to see how we are progressing!

Oh, and while I was doing baby stuff Travis went on his last hunt before Ty gets here...because i told him he has to be here every weekend from now on...just Incas! So guys, if you are looking for a hunting buddy John Travis Roby is officially done for the next month or so! :) hehe! but, he did go out with a bang..haha, no pun intended! they went to lubbock for all kinds of's the evidence. Chase Pabody...Travis is certainly going to miss you when yall move to houston! guess, that just means that when we visit katy he will be hunting with you and trey the whole time!:)

well, that pretty much sums everything up! hope everyone is having a great week!

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him. psalm 32:10.

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