Rollin' with the Roby's

Sunday, January 31, 2010

A little on edge...

So...we are all anxiously awaiting for little Ty to come out and play but it's Travis that seems to be the most..umm...on edge! When he sees my name on his caller ID he gets a little nervous that it's a , "babe, let's go to the hospital" phone call. Funny story #1...prelude...while at work sometimes Travis will leave his cell phone in his office while he goes to visit with other people. Well, one day, I called him and he didn't later, since I hadn't heard back from him i called him again. When he finally got back to his office and saw he had two missed calls from me the first thing that popped into his mind was..."Oh no, Lindsey's in labor." haha! luckily, I wasn't. but definitely a good lesson...Travis keep your cell phone on you! :) Funny story #2. One day last week it absolutely poured in midland and odessa but of course when I am headed to work it is raining cats and dogs in odessa. We love all the rain we can get but the streets all around the hospital flood so it makes the rain less appealing. I circled the hospital in my car a few times to find a good area to cross but I found there wasn't such a thing. After crossing the street, which was then a high current river, I was sopping wet to my calves. That is never a good way to start a 12 hour shift! So, i called and woke travis up at 6:45 in the morning and asked him to bring me new scrubs, socks and shoes....later I found out he thought I needed all of that because my water had broken! haha! My response was, umm..if that had happened that is not what I would have would have been more along the lines of..get to the hospital! lol. In case, you are wondering..yes, at lunch time my wonderful husband brought me dry socks and scrub pants had dried by that time. Needless to say it's been fun around here! But, we are so ready whenever he wants to come! After all the kinda scares we decided to get some last minute pregnancy pics done by our personal dad! thanks dad!

We don't go to the dr. until thursday so we'll keep yall updated!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Countdown is narrowing!!!

At the doctor today our doctor was at the hospital so we saw the nurse practitioner and right after she asked me if he was still moving around good Ty decided to prove to her he was and his workout began! ha! while she was measuring me and listening to his rapid heart rate he was all over the place! lol! Needless to say, Ty is doing great and still in ready position to come out! I was going to get checked today to see if any progression has been made but since it was the nurse practitioner she said our dr. likes to do i'll have to wait for next week! :(

So, until then we got nothing! However, I already have Ty's bag and my bag packed for the just never know when these things can happen! :) and, his room is all ready for him...not that he'll be in it for quite awhile but it's ready and so is all his cute little laundry. Thanks to everyones generosity and to cousin Brady his drawers are packed!
Side note..."nesting" is described as the pregnant woman cleaning and organizing! Well, of course, leave it to me to be different. Seeing how I was already a clean freak and well organized (for the most part) my nesting was shredding all our important documents that we no longer needed...which, by the way, took a good solid week since 1) we had tons and tons of documents and 2) our shredder could only do so much before getting tired! Also, my nesting was "lets re-arrange this room!" haha! Travis LOVED that one! ha! Our den and bedroom got a new arrangement along with some new items:) and let me just tell you..our bedroom furniture is not light and whether I am pregnant or's too heavy for me. Luckily, I have a strong husband and I like to say "we" but lets face it, it was all Travis! and Ty's room finally got finished! I like's fun! hehe!

So here is ty's room all finished! I was told to stop! ha! The pack-n-play will be moved to the end of our bed...see below.

and here are my re-arranged rooms! :) it will make sense to you if you saw them prior...
pack and play will go at foot of bed...if you notice the baby monitor is on my side of the bed...out of travis' s wishes but it really won't matter for awhile since ty will be at the foot of our bed! silly husband! ha!so needless to say we are all ready for Ty's arrival! Oh, and we even upgraded to HD today...since apparantly we were some of the very few who didn't have it! look at us go! lol!
hope yall are having a great week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's all comin' together!

Over the weekend we were graciously given another baby shower in Midland. More outpouring of love for Ty! he got all kinds of precious goodies, bedding and.. Casey surprised me with my diaper exciting!Travis and I appreciate everything everyone has done for our little boy...we just can't wait for him to get here! But, now he has everything he needs and more for his arrival, which we are anxiously awaiting...all in due time though. Travis and I have both been so blessed in having such wonderful family and friends who support us through everything! Here are a few pictures of the shower...they did such a great was a great time.So now Ty's room is really starting to come together! yay! It's so exciting...and I know he'll love it! Yesterday I did his laundry...first time laundry was actually fun! Although i must say I have never been so nervous doing laundry because I will be the first to admit I really stink at laundry. See, laundry is definitely not my forte...and i was super careful about sorting and cycle choices. I thought I might have had a goof already with a red article but luckily everything was still it's original color! hehe! Since I mainly wear scrubs and Travis' clothes go the dry cleaners everything else is wash and dry-able but for those who need ironing they typically don't get ironed for exaggeration! poor travis! Oh, and stains, well, they never get out! mainly because i forget they are in the clothing item before I wash and dry them..once again, sorry Trav! Sadly but fortunately, I have my mom a mile away who still helps get stains out, fixes flaws and gives advice for laundry! Anywho..i say all of this because now that i am about to be a mom i really need to figure this whole laundry thing out..especially having a boy...stains I know will happen! :) ANYWAYS..back to Ty! all of his little things are washed and put away and ready for him to wear, sleep on, be swaddled in..etc! again, just ready for him to get here! So here is a picture of his room and his shoes:)...please excuse the's still a work in progress..and it was laundry day! stay tuned for more room pics as I hope to have everything completed by this weekend..

so, we are doing great! we go to the dr next week to see how we are progressing!

Oh, and while I was doing baby stuff Travis went on his last hunt before Ty gets here...because i told him he has to be here every weekend from now on...just Incas! So guys, if you are looking for a hunting buddy John Travis Roby is officially done for the next month or so! :) hehe! but, he did go out with a bang..haha, no pun intended! they went to lubbock for all kinds of's the evidence. Chase Pabody...Travis is certainly going to miss you when yall move to houston! guess, that just means that when we visit katy he will be hunting with you and trey the whole time!:)

well, that pretty much sums everything up! hope everyone is having a great week!

Many are the woes of the wicked, but the Lord's unfailing love surrounds the man who trusts in him. psalm 32:10.

Monday, January 11, 2010

ten quirks about pregnancy

here's a 33 week pic of us!

So...women always tell me or have told me symptoms/details of being pregnant but you can't quite fully understand until you are there,for example,in no particular order...

1. you can't "squeeze" by or fit into tight spaces anymore because your belly does not suck in.

2. having to go to the ladies room every 10 minutes is annoying especially when you need to do definitely makes you re-think your day or route!

3. everyone says get sleep while you can because once the baby comes it goes down the drain..well, when you have a big belly and have to use the restroom several times in the night you get no sleep...comfort is a hard thing to find!

4. speaking of think not being able to sit or sleep on your back isn't a big deal, but let me tell you IT IS! it's one of those things you don't realize you like or need until its gone.

5. breathing is also over-rated. you do one chore and need to hook up to an oxygen machine to re-vamp your lungs since baby is pressing on them. now, i know how the contestants on biggest loser feel (tacky i know).

6. Oh! they say during pregnancy is a time to eat whatever you want since you are eating for two...well, if you are a girl that loves seafood and deli meat it really puts a damper to your meals..especially lunch! I have already told Travis the first meal I want after Ty gets here is a delicious turkey sandwich followed by Salmon the next day!:)

7. rolling over and sitting up is now a two person job! ha!

8. the feeling of Ty moving is wonderful feeling and a feeling no one can fully explain. i love knowing he is having a good time in there! :)

9. now that we are nearing our due date when i am out and about i wonder what if my water breaks here..for example, sunday at church i thought, Oh no, i really hope it doesn't happen here! lol.

10. you see pregnant women and think, "ahh, how cute," but when it's you, you definitely don't feel cute..or at least according to me! :)

anyways, if you are a mother or pregnant lady reading this you know exactly what I mean!

Ty is still doing great! Our last dr. appt was another in and out. still on cruise control! i told the dr. i am ready for something exciting to happen so I hope that doesn't bite me in the hiney!

hope everyone has a great week!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ringin in the New Year!

Happy 2010 to all! I still write the year '09 but I am slowly getting use to 2010. Hope everybody had a great new year. Travis and I rang in the new year with his parents and grandparents. It was a lovely weekend. When they got here thursday late afternoon they settled in and then we headed out for a night on the dinner that is! ha! we had a wonderful meal in our own little cove room that was perfect for us. We were home by 9:30 and even managed to stay awake to ring in the new year...well, in new york,..we saw the ball drop at 11:00 our time and said the heck with it..and off to bed we all went. The rest of the weekend was just relaxing. No plans was great! Nana/gigi and grandaddy were able to visit odessa were they grew up and painted the town. While they were over there Travis took them (including trae and amy) by the hospital where and I work and where baby Ty will be born. Since Travis and I will more than likely not be able to pick them up and take them to the hopsital...we might be just a tad bit busy! So that was good.

Of course on saturday, through all the turmoil and disappointment of the previous week, we cheered on the Texas Tech Red Raiders with my parents and our friends the Barelas.

It was a great weekend and glad the Roby's were able to come visit. It's exciting to think that next time they visit little Ty will be here! yay!