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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out with the old...In with the New!

This week was exciting for our little family...especially Travis, who started a new j.o.b. on monday. He is still a Landman but now works for Pioneer Resources which is a local company here in Midland. I am still not sure he isn't going through some mid-twenties crisis seeing how he got a new truck, a new job, new clothes to start the new job, and of course becoming a new dad! lol! He has really enjoyed the new start so far and really likes all the people. Pioneer is much smaller than ConocoPhillips so Travis really likes getting to know everyone. However, it's not that he didn't know everyone for conoco...We are talking about Travis here, the friendliest boy around! :) Oh, and to top it off, he and my dad went deer hunting this past weekend and travis shot his first deer with a bow, which was a buck! he was so excited! The best part about it is...we'll have a freezer full of venison to eat! yum-yum!

Also, this past weekend we (my family) got to babysit Brady since my sister is going back to school to get her Neuropsyc degree (she got the smart genes), which is one weekend of the month from 8am-5pm. So doing that does not entail you to keep a family to the rescue..and let me tell you she really has to twist our arms tight for us to agree! haha, ya right. we love it! But, the weather wasn't really cooperative with us. The oh so, inaccurate weather men called for snow all week and of course it wasn't until thursday night that it really did..the day Brady and Meme were going to come to town. but here is a picture of cooper in the snow..I can't remember if it was his first snow or not but he seemed to really enjoy it. Anyways, the snow cancelled all schools but was practically gone by noon. So Meme had to stay in dallas and instead of me, travis, mom and dad getting Brady and Meme from abilene and going to the lake we decided to just go get the Bradster in Abilene and bring him back to Midland. So Friday night we played and on saturday around lunch time dad and Travis headed out to hunt.
this is travis entertaining Brady in the meantime. Oh so sweet and cute! We still haven't got travis to change Brady's diaper although..he says he can only do his kids! hey, at least that's a positive response! :)

Since Travis and dad went hunting us girls do what we do best..went shopping! Brady is almost 9 months old and is now wearing 18-24 month clothes! haha! he loves, loves to eat! so mom, brady and I headed out to get him a new wardrobe! and while we were at the mall we stopped by to see santa! Brady did really well for the first few pictures then began to to the rescue though! Luckily we did get a few good shots. unfortunately I don't have pictures of that but just know it was super cute! :) Of course we gave casey the pictures. But, don't kid yourself. don't think mom and i didn't put him in one of his christmas outfits before we left on our shopping's a few of our photo session! so precious! His socks have reindeer on them with a red pom-pom as the nose..

It's funny because as a girl my whole life (well the later part..and especially now since I am pregnant) I have been told there is no love like the love you have for your children. I have now come to conclusion it must be a huge undefining love because I love Brady so much and he is just my nephew! So, I can't wait to have Ty to experience the indescribable feeling! So exciting!
On sunday during church Brady said a few "Praise Jesus" and "Amen" even though nobody else was saying it before crashing on mom! He woke up as it ended and was able to play with several of our friends! then it was time to travel back to Abilene! Apparently Ty was becoming jealous(as he usually does when I hold Brady) and let me aware that he is mine by making mom pull over on the interstate to let my stomach become empty...if you catch my drift. I have always gotten motion sick but this pregnancy has just made it even worse. Another reason why i can't wait for ty to get here! :) Apparently Mom scared Travis to death because she had called dad and was on speaker phone so Travis heard the conversation when mom said, well "Lindsey had an accident." but Travis was reassured when he learned it was just another spout of pulling over! :) next time i told mom not to beat around the bush but to just tell it like it is...haha!
We had a great weekend! I wish I had pictures of Travis's deer to show but they are on my dad's camera. :( Just know it was a monster! for all you hunting show people out there it could have been on Buck of Tecomate! hehe!
Monday we had one of our last classes of our birthing class. We learned about anesthesia choices, CPR and even swaddling. Travis should be a pro when Ty comes!
We go to the dr. tomorrow for another checkup! I'll let yall know how it all goes and to maybe see how accurate our vegetable analogy is! :)

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