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Thursday, December 31, 2009

He's a shy little guy

Tuesday Travis and I went for a sonogram so anxious to see how our little boy is growing. Everything looked great. All the organs are growing, head/brain looked great, heart was still breathing strong..yay! Oh, and it was re-confirmed it was still a boy! Travis was sooo relieved..haha! Oh, and Ty is already in ready position to get out of his cubby! I told him to not get any ideas...he still need to cook! Therefore, we weren't able to see a good picture of his cute little face. We got a side angle that allows you to see and eye and a half but he was a being shy..Travis said he must take after me! :) both of his little hands were clenched under his chin and his little legs were bent up under his belly leaving his bottom up in the air...right at my belly button...which would explain the hardness in that area..It feel so funny when he tries to move but not so funny when his legs get cramped and he starts kicking my ribs...wo, there Ty..only 8 more weeks! But, everything looked great! oh, and he's around 4 lbs. The sonographer think he'll be a healthy 7 lb baby...guess we'll see. i was 9 lbs and Travis was only God knows! :)

Funny at night I will get my stethoscope out and listen to his heartbeat and then Travis will time travis decided to swap ends and put the ear pieces on my belly and he would talk into the scope's pretty hilarious! He's so excited for him to get here and will be such a great father! OH, aaannnddd...over the holidays Travis changed his first diaper...brady's and he did great! he also helped me give brady a bath two nights in a row! he's definitely got this thing down. It's so fun to watch!

Well, gotta run. The Roby's (Amy, Trae, Nanny/gigi, and granddaddy) are arriving at any moment. they are spending the weekend with us since we didn't get to see them at christmas!
hope everyone has a great new years! talk to you all next year!:)

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  1. I didn't know you had a blog! Yay! Hope you are doing great. Now we can keep in touch this way. :)