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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Finished...

On Monday, we had our last class of our "baby" class. We did what our hospital calls a Stork tour which is a tour of the nursery, labor and delivery and post-partum. Since I work in the hospital Ty will be born I am very familiar with all these areas but Travis has only seen my unit...the neonatal intensive care (which we keep praying Ty does not have to visit). So, monday we decided to not flake out on the last class and hopes we could go into some rooms. well, the leader showed us the nursery waiting room and we were able to look through the window...we strolled a few steps to L&D where all the rooms were full so we were unable to view a room..then a few more steps to post-partum where we were able to view a room! That was it...a whole 15 minutes! Basically a waste of time, but i was able to show travis a few more details...such as the C-section rooms and the routine behind that..just in case that has to happen. however, Travis still plans to come visit me one day at work so he can scope out a L&D room...and a more behind the scenes of the whole "baby" process once Ty is here! Yes, sometimes being a nurse you get special treatment! Oh, and since our class started at 7:00 which is also shift change for the nurses, during our tour we ran into a few of my fellow nurses who all said "Hi" to "Ty Roby." That made Ty's daddy happy seeing how people already know him!
On another note, ty's appetite has increased immensely! I feel like I am constantly eating and due to increase in food he is working out a lot more as well...he is moving like crazy...sometimes I feel like he really is going to punch out of my belly! It's pretty funny when my shirt is more of a tighter fit because everyone around can see him on his workout routine! As I walk Cooper I think," one day cooper and ty will have each other to wear out!" hehe! Speaking of our precious dog cooper, I was organizing all the pictures on the computer and figuring out the whole camcorder video thing so when ty gets here I'll know how to show all you how he is growing and I came across videos of cooper when we first got him! lets see if i can figure it out!!!
Anyways, it made me chuckle seeing how he was only 6 weeks old and Travis and I are trying to figure him out and how to make him eat and not be so sad! lol! Cracks me up because it makes me wonder if that is what we are going to do when Ty gets here! Although i have to admit our parenting skills must be somewhat decent since cooper did finally eat(after trying everything possible...who knew baby food would be the trick) and now will eat everything in out! and we must be "fun parents" because cooper always wants to be in the house with us! hahahaha! No, I am not comparing Ty to a dog but I think Travis and I will be a-ok! :) and Cooper and Ty will be best buds!

Hope yall have a wonderful weekend...we have a weekend full of christmas parties so it'll be great...and one is the pioneer (travis's new company) party so i'll get a chance to meet some of the people he works with!

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