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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rollin on Dubbs...

On Saturday Travis, Cooper, Ty and I loaded up and went 7 hours to Houston... Katy to be exact. Our goal time was 8:00 but finally got out of midland at 10:30...yes, a little behind. However, to our defense we got out of midland (which takes a good 30 minutes..grr) and had to turn around to get Olivia (my Garmin)..or Liv for short...I have her in Australian accident so I thought her name was, I never leave home without her (especially going to Houston) but since we where in Travis' truck I accidentally left her behind. Luckily my wonderful husband not only realized it for me but even turned around to get her! :) He saved the traumatic scene that would have occurred once we got to Houston and I geared up to venture out and realized I couldn't because I didn't have Liv with me..phew! haha!

Travis got a new F150 truck (that is seriously on 20" and let me just tell was like night and day riding in that versus he F250 diesel. I love it so much better. During our 7 hour drive we didn't have hoarse voices from yelling over the loudness or have the shakes after getting out from the rough ride! It was fabulous..and the heated seats was a great heating pad on my back! :) We still haven't figured out the Sirius stations ( I am used to XM) but we managed to jump from country, 90's, christmas and classic rock.. In fact, (funny story but you might have had to be there) I love, love, love christmas music and I finally found a christmas station so Travis let me have my fun for awhile (secretly he loved it too, he even sang along with me) then the time came when i had to change it and I found Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody which we too jammed out to with all passing cars looking at us awkwardly because at this time we were in san antonio in 4 lane traffic..haha! it was great!

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y we made it to the Roby household with Trae/Grandaddy waiting on the curb for us...and just think we don't even have Ty yet..he might meet us at the Kelliwood entrance or at Fry Road when we come with Ty! Lol. we had a wonderful dinner and then made our first round of tour de houston houses. First stop Trey's new house...our little Trey, 6'3", 27 year old Trey is growin up! ha! His house was great, very nice! Little shout out to Mrs. Everett and Crystal for the womanly decorating advice! :) Second stop, ,Matthew and Christophers bachelor pad! Again, extremely nice and impressively clean...great job guys! Third stop, Tim and Amy's love nest..haha! Also a beautful home! Travis and I were so excited to finally see everyone's "cribs." Now all of you have to come to Midland to see us! :) Later in the week we will finish our tour de houston houses! yes, there is more! :) It's amazing the things you can do when you are somewhere for a week! yay!

Sunday we were given a wonderful baby shower! OH MY GOODNESS!!! All family and friends were so loving and generous for all they did for Ty's arrival. It was incredibly sweet and Ty made out like a champ...he's spoiled already! It was so great to see everyone especially the little one's, baby McCain, precious Peyton (yall should seriously consider putting her in a baby gap, etc. catalog..she's adorable, so pretty) and of course it's always great to see "Lil man Jack." As always dressed adorably...but who are we kidding, you can't be a Robertson/Devine without always looking GQ/cute! :) I can't believe how big he's gotten! Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us and for the wonderful gifts. We love yall all so much and couldn't thank yall enough for everything yall do for us! We appreciate all of you! Next time we are in town we'll have Ty with us and I know he'll never be put down! :)

Our weekend was very and furious..but fantastic. Now we just have a week of R&R, a little shopping, hunting and golfing for Travis and the best of all...THANKSGIVING MEAL with wonderful family and of course the COWBOYS!!..soooo exciting!

We hope that everyone has safe travels to their destination, enjoy the time with family, have a wonderful feast and GOOO COWBOYS!

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