Rollin' with the Roby's

Thursday, December 31, 2009

He's a shy little guy

Tuesday Travis and I went for a sonogram so anxious to see how our little boy is growing. Everything looked great. All the organs are growing, head/brain looked great, heart was still breathing strong..yay! Oh, and it was re-confirmed it was still a boy! Travis was sooo relieved..haha! Oh, and Ty is already in ready position to get out of his cubby! I told him to not get any ideas...he still need to cook! Therefore, we weren't able to see a good picture of his cute little face. We got a side angle that allows you to see and eye and a half but he was a being shy..Travis said he must take after me! :) both of his little hands were clenched under his chin and his little legs were bent up under his belly leaving his bottom up in the air...right at my belly button...which would explain the hardness in that area..It feel so funny when he tries to move but not so funny when his legs get cramped and he starts kicking my ribs...wo, there Ty..only 8 more weeks! But, everything looked great! oh, and he's around 4 lbs. The sonographer think he'll be a healthy 7 lb baby...guess we'll see. i was 9 lbs and Travis was only God knows! :)

Funny at night I will get my stethoscope out and listen to his heartbeat and then Travis will time travis decided to swap ends and put the ear pieces on my belly and he would talk into the scope's pretty hilarious! He's so excited for him to get here and will be such a great father! OH, aaannnddd...over the holidays Travis changed his first diaper...brady's and he did great! he also helped me give brady a bath two nights in a row! he's definitely got this thing down. It's so fun to watch!

Well, gotta run. The Roby's (Amy, Trae, Nanny/gigi, and granddaddy) are arriving at any moment. they are spending the weekend with us since we didn't get to see them at christmas!
hope everyone has a great new years! talk to you all next year!:)

Winter Wonderland...

This year we had a very unorthodox Christmas. We spent christmas with my side of the family this year and unfortunately Daniel (brother in law) was on-call all christmas week making him working extremely odd-late hours. Therefore, instead of my sister, daniel and brady coming to midland we decided to venture to Abilene for the holidays. The plan was, mom, my meme and I would go to abilene Wednesday morning and Travis and my dad would go to abilene Thursday and we would all head back to midland thursday night in order to prepare with mom's side of the family christmas on saturday! It all sounded great and was working until the weather-man's forecast was actually accurate and it really did rain, sleet and snow wednesday night. I happened to be up with Brady at 5:00am on thursday morning to see it actually snowing. After getting back to bed I told mom the news and we both had the gut wrenching feeling that it would interfer with our plans. We watched the weather all morning since this was the day dad and travis were to come to abilene and we were to go home. Well, Dad and Travis got on the road at 8:00am..nothing happened in midland...but about half way to abilene they hit the storm and were forced to turn around due to bad, icy roads. Sadly, they didn't get to come to abilene and they themselves were alone because we weren't able to leave to midland until friday afternoon once all the ice went away. After re-loading all the presents, minus brady's, casey's and daniels' since nobody else wanted to open theirs without dad and travis, we headed back to midland. Finally, around 3:00pm I was able to see Travis and we had our christmas. Ahh...every story has a happy ending...this one just took awhile. ha! But, the snow was pretty to see! After our christmas, we headed to my parents to have the family christmas (casey and brady came with us). all in all it was a great christmas and Ty made out extremely well and he wasn't even out to play yet! Can't wait for next year!...we were just sad daniel had to work all christmas!:(. Saturday we had christmas with mom's side of the family. always entertaining!

I can't believe christmas snuck up on us so quickly and then it was gone. On the other side....that just means Ty's countdown is fading away!!! YAY!! We are soooo ready!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Finished...

On Monday, we had our last class of our "baby" class. We did what our hospital calls a Stork tour which is a tour of the nursery, labor and delivery and post-partum. Since I work in the hospital Ty will be born I am very familiar with all these areas but Travis has only seen my unit...the neonatal intensive care (which we keep praying Ty does not have to visit). So, monday we decided to not flake out on the last class and hopes we could go into some rooms. well, the leader showed us the nursery waiting room and we were able to look through the window...we strolled a few steps to L&D where all the rooms were full so we were unable to view a room..then a few more steps to post-partum where we were able to view a room! That was it...a whole 15 minutes! Basically a waste of time, but i was able to show travis a few more details...such as the C-section rooms and the routine behind that..just in case that has to happen. however, Travis still plans to come visit me one day at work so he can scope out a L&D room...and a more behind the scenes of the whole "baby" process once Ty is here! Yes, sometimes being a nurse you get special treatment! Oh, and since our class started at 7:00 which is also shift change for the nurses, during our tour we ran into a few of my fellow nurses who all said "Hi" to "Ty Roby." That made Ty's daddy happy seeing how people already know him!
On another note, ty's appetite has increased immensely! I feel like I am constantly eating and due to increase in food he is working out a lot more as well...he is moving like crazy...sometimes I feel like he really is going to punch out of my belly! It's pretty funny when my shirt is more of a tighter fit because everyone around can see him on his workout routine! As I walk Cooper I think," one day cooper and ty will have each other to wear out!" hehe! Speaking of our precious dog cooper, I was organizing all the pictures on the computer and figuring out the whole camcorder video thing so when ty gets here I'll know how to show all you how he is growing and I came across videos of cooper when we first got him! lets see if i can figure it out!!!
Anyways, it made me chuckle seeing how he was only 6 weeks old and Travis and I are trying to figure him out and how to make him eat and not be so sad! lol! Cracks me up because it makes me wonder if that is what we are going to do when Ty gets here! Although i have to admit our parenting skills must be somewhat decent since cooper did finally eat(after trying everything possible...who knew baby food would be the trick) and now will eat everything in out! and we must be "fun parents" because cooper always wants to be in the house with us! hahahaha! No, I am not comparing Ty to a dog but I think Travis and I will be a-ok! :) and Cooper and Ty will be best buds!

Hope yall have a wonderful weekend...we have a weekend full of christmas parties so it'll be great...and one is the pioneer (travis's new company) party so i'll get a chance to meet some of the people he works with!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Still on cruise control....

Yesterday I went to the dr. and from the time I entered the building to the time I left I was there a total of 10 minutes! Heart rate was great, my belly was measuring on target, blood pressure still good...and I was sent on my way! Seeing how Travis missed this one due to the new job and not wanting to ask to leave early it was a pretty good one to miss, although, we are use to the "pointless" dr. visits. However, I am so fortunate and blessed to be on "cruise control." We have had a good pregnancy so far and I just hope and pray that it continues...only 11 more weeks!!! YAY!
As a side note, we got our rocker in yesterday and Travis put it together! so, so exciting! We also put together the swing and pack-n-play! Ty is just about all ready for! It's kinda starting to get a little more real. We still can't get it through our heads that we are about to have a baby and be parents!
Travis went hunting again this weekend. I know you are surprised..this time though for peasants! So it's just me and cooper! hope yall have a great weekend!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out with the old...In with the New!

This week was exciting for our little family...especially Travis, who started a new j.o.b. on monday. He is still a Landman but now works for Pioneer Resources which is a local company here in Midland. I am still not sure he isn't going through some mid-twenties crisis seeing how he got a new truck, a new job, new clothes to start the new job, and of course becoming a new dad! lol! He has really enjoyed the new start so far and really likes all the people. Pioneer is much smaller than ConocoPhillips so Travis really likes getting to know everyone. However, it's not that he didn't know everyone for conoco...We are talking about Travis here, the friendliest boy around! :) Oh, and to top it off, he and my dad went deer hunting this past weekend and travis shot his first deer with a bow, which was a buck! he was so excited! The best part about it is...we'll have a freezer full of venison to eat! yum-yum!

Also, this past weekend we (my family) got to babysit Brady since my sister is going back to school to get her Neuropsyc degree (she got the smart genes), which is one weekend of the month from 8am-5pm. So doing that does not entail you to keep a family to the rescue..and let me tell you she really has to twist our arms tight for us to agree! haha, ya right. we love it! But, the weather wasn't really cooperative with us. The oh so, inaccurate weather men called for snow all week and of course it wasn't until thursday night that it really did..the day Brady and Meme were going to come to town. but here is a picture of cooper in the snow..I can't remember if it was his first snow or not but he seemed to really enjoy it. Anyways, the snow cancelled all schools but was practically gone by noon. So Meme had to stay in dallas and instead of me, travis, mom and dad getting Brady and Meme from abilene and going to the lake we decided to just go get the Bradster in Abilene and bring him back to Midland. So Friday night we played and on saturday around lunch time dad and Travis headed out to hunt.
this is travis entertaining Brady in the meantime. Oh so sweet and cute! We still haven't got travis to change Brady's diaper although..he says he can only do his kids! hey, at least that's a positive response! :)

Since Travis and dad went hunting us girls do what we do best..went shopping! Brady is almost 9 months old and is now wearing 18-24 month clothes! haha! he loves, loves to eat! so mom, brady and I headed out to get him a new wardrobe! and while we were at the mall we stopped by to see santa! Brady did really well for the first few pictures then began to to the rescue though! Luckily we did get a few good shots. unfortunately I don't have pictures of that but just know it was super cute! :) Of course we gave casey the pictures. But, don't kid yourself. don't think mom and i didn't put him in one of his christmas outfits before we left on our shopping's a few of our photo session! so precious! His socks have reindeer on them with a red pom-pom as the nose..

It's funny because as a girl my whole life (well the later part..and especially now since I am pregnant) I have been told there is no love like the love you have for your children. I have now come to conclusion it must be a huge undefining love because I love Brady so much and he is just my nephew! So, I can't wait to have Ty to experience the indescribable feeling! So exciting!
On sunday during church Brady said a few "Praise Jesus" and "Amen" even though nobody else was saying it before crashing on mom! He woke up as it ended and was able to play with several of our friends! then it was time to travel back to Abilene! Apparently Ty was becoming jealous(as he usually does when I hold Brady) and let me aware that he is mine by making mom pull over on the interstate to let my stomach become empty...if you catch my drift. I have always gotten motion sick but this pregnancy has just made it even worse. Another reason why i can't wait for ty to get here! :) Apparently Mom scared Travis to death because she had called dad and was on speaker phone so Travis heard the conversation when mom said, well "Lindsey had an accident." but Travis was reassured when he learned it was just another spout of pulling over! :) next time i told mom not to beat around the bush but to just tell it like it is...haha!
We had a great weekend! I wish I had pictures of Travis's deer to show but they are on my dad's camera. :( Just know it was a monster! for all you hunting show people out there it could have been on Buck of Tecomate! hehe!
Monday we had one of our last classes of our birthing class. We learned about anesthesia choices, CPR and even swaddling. Travis should be a pro when Ty comes!
We go to the dr. tomorrow for another checkup! I'll let yall know how it all goes and to maybe see how accurate our vegetable analogy is! :)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hee-hee whooo....

Yesterday at birthing class we learned different breathing techniques, birthing positions and my favorite...relaxation techniques. I loved it...the class was basically a massage session for the mommies to be! it was great. yes, the guys got a peak at a massage but not for long! hehe! Travis really got into this session though, in fact, during some of the relaxation techniques I had to nudge Travis to make sure he was awake! ha! I think Ty is going to take after his mommy in the love for massages because during my little rub down he was all over the place! All in all it was a good class and we'll see in the heat of the moment if we remember what we were taught!

Oh and get is supposed to snow in Midland today. Currently it is raining and sleet is supposed to come at anytime. I have no idea if it is because I don't plan on stepping outside today! I guess I'll watch for snow flurries from the windows! Not even cooper wants to go outside. he's all cuddled up in his kennel...which is right next to the laundry room. I was going to start some of the bottomless pit I call the laundry but he looked so comfy and peaceful I didn't want to wake him! So cute!

Rewind to last week...

Houston was a wonderful time. We got to see so many family and friends, eat great food, go shopping, get our nails done (well, not travis...the girls, the boys played golf) watch football, and movies. FYI..if you haven't seen Blind Side I highly recommend it...such a great movie. For Thanksgiving we went to the Gibbins lake house in Livingston. A great time with family, great food and a beautiful day..and to top it off, the Cowboys WON!! yay!
Cooper got to go on his first duck hunt. I like to think he did great but considering the ducks weren't out to play that cold, rainy morning he didn't get much practice.

Saturday we loaded up and headed back to good ole' midland...home sweet home...just in time for travis to get more christmas decorations out of the attic followed by sitting on the couch rooting on the texas tech red raiders. They pulled it was a slow start but they did it...which always makes for a happy husband!:) During the start of the football game I was talking to my sister and Brady in a different room when all of a sudden we hear Travis yelling at the TV(or the Raiders)and Casey tells Brady, "Brady, Tech must not be doing good because your uncle Travis is yelling at them." haha, it was funny! Sunday, Travis and I were actually early to church (8:15)..pulled up and noticed no cars in the parking lot..turns out it didn't start until 10:00..haha! we obviously didn't get the memo! lol, it was pretty funny actually, we were so confused. oh well, we got the grocery shopping out of the way in the meantime. then my wonderful husband faced the cold weather and put up the christmas lights...then he went hunting..of course! while he was doing that I started finishing up the indoor christmas decor but then got distracted by putting all of Ty's new things up! For once, I found something that is more fun than christmas decorating. Ty got so much stuff and his little room is just coming together! Makes us anxious and we can't wait for his arrival! That leads us to the beginning of this week and the beginning of the post.

Hope yall are having a great week and staying warm for those who are having cold weather!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Rollin on Dubbs...

On Saturday Travis, Cooper, Ty and I loaded up and went 7 hours to Houston... Katy to be exact. Our goal time was 8:00 but finally got out of midland at 10:30...yes, a little behind. However, to our defense we got out of midland (which takes a good 30 minutes..grr) and had to turn around to get Olivia (my Garmin)..or Liv for short...I have her in Australian accident so I thought her name was, I never leave home without her (especially going to Houston) but since we where in Travis' truck I accidentally left her behind. Luckily my wonderful husband not only realized it for me but even turned around to get her! :) He saved the traumatic scene that would have occurred once we got to Houston and I geared up to venture out and realized I couldn't because I didn't have Liv with me..phew! haha!

Travis got a new F150 truck (that is seriously on 20" and let me just tell was like night and day riding in that versus he F250 diesel. I love it so much better. During our 7 hour drive we didn't have hoarse voices from yelling over the loudness or have the shakes after getting out from the rough ride! It was fabulous..and the heated seats was a great heating pad on my back! :) We still haven't figured out the Sirius stations ( I am used to XM) but we managed to jump from country, 90's, christmas and classic rock.. In fact, (funny story but you might have had to be there) I love, love, love christmas music and I finally found a christmas station so Travis let me have my fun for awhile (secretly he loved it too, he even sang along with me) then the time came when i had to change it and I found Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody which we too jammed out to with all passing cars looking at us awkwardly because at this time we were in san antonio in 4 lane traffic..haha! it was great!

F-I-N-A-L-L-Y we made it to the Roby household with Trae/Grandaddy waiting on the curb for us...and just think we don't even have Ty yet..he might meet us at the Kelliwood entrance or at Fry Road when we come with Ty! Lol. we had a wonderful dinner and then made our first round of tour de houston houses. First stop Trey's new house...our little Trey, 6'3", 27 year old Trey is growin up! ha! His house was great, very nice! Little shout out to Mrs. Everett and Crystal for the womanly decorating advice! :) Second stop, ,Matthew and Christophers bachelor pad! Again, extremely nice and impressively clean...great job guys! Third stop, Tim and Amy's love nest..haha! Also a beautful home! Travis and I were so excited to finally see everyone's "cribs." Now all of you have to come to Midland to see us! :) Later in the week we will finish our tour de houston houses! yes, there is more! :) It's amazing the things you can do when you are somewhere for a week! yay!

Sunday we were given a wonderful baby shower! OH MY GOODNESS!!! All family and friends were so loving and generous for all they did for Ty's arrival. It was incredibly sweet and Ty made out like a champ...he's spoiled already! It was so great to see everyone especially the little one's, baby McCain, precious Peyton (yall should seriously consider putting her in a baby gap, etc. catalog..she's adorable, so pretty) and of course it's always great to see "Lil man Jack." As always dressed adorably...but who are we kidding, you can't be a Robertson/Devine without always looking GQ/cute! :) I can't believe how big he's gotten! Thanks to all who came out to celebrate with us and for the wonderful gifts. We love yall all so much and couldn't thank yall enough for everything yall do for us! We appreciate all of you! Next time we are in town we'll have Ty with us and I know he'll never be put down! :)

Our weekend was very and furious..but fantastic. Now we just have a week of R&R, a little shopping, hunting and golfing for Travis and the best of all...THANKSGIVING MEAL with wonderful family and of course the COWBOYS!!..soooo exciting!

We hope that everyone has safe travels to their destination, enjoy the time with family, have a wonderful feast and GOOO COWBOYS!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

In the Beginning...

Hello all,

As many of you know the past few years have been a whirl wind for Travis and I. Lets see...we met in august 2007 , got engaged on may 9th to be exact (on my sister-in-laws bday..sorry ash..but, i had no idea) got our sweet puppy cooper in august 2008 and then on October 11, 2008 we tied the knot!

So, yes, our life has been fast and furious...and to top it off we found out on June 24th that we were expecting our first baby! yes, we definitely don't procrastinate around here!

Here's how it was all revealed. We had been in Houston for a wedding one weekend and came home and I just didn't feel right. Finally after a few days had past i decided to take a home pregnancy test..and much to my surprise it was positive! I was shocked, excited but at the same time tried not to be too excited in case it was a false result. If you know anything about me you know that i am a when it came to telling Travis the news of being pregnant was no different. I had thought of how to tell him when that day happened since we were married. I finally got the chance to cook a dinner with all baby bite foods and hope he would get the message..however, i was so shocked i didn't know what to do other than to call him, at work, and tell him the news ruining all i had planned. If you know anything about Travis you know that he gets excited and distracted very easily...this was no exception..since i called him in the morning poor thing had to sit in his office contemplating the call until he could leave for lunch. In the meantime, I told him i would buy more tests and let him know the results. so after taking 3 more tests which all came out positive i called him back to let him know the exciting news. Luckily, his lunch break was not far off and he was able to come home, see the tests, and we were able to celebrate together. Not real sure who was more shocked he or I but we were both equally excited! With the loving and protective husband I have he made me call for a doctors appt immediately even though i knew there was nothing they would do until at least 8 weeks. Nevertheless, I got in the next day to the doctor and they confirmed what we were still wondering...I was indeed 5 weeks pregnant. Although that was all they did that visit we left the office with a more at peace mind. Even though we were soooo thrilled we didn't want the cat to come out of the bag until i was out of my first trimester..that was probably one of the hardest things to do!

I tell you all of that to catch you up to speed..I am currently 26 weeks with a boy...

Ty Lankford Roby

who will be here February 27th! yay!

I have had a pretty good pregnancy...I had my fair share of morning sickness, usually in unorthodox places or times (work, car, airplanes...never at home, of course) but I really can't complain, it didn't happen all that often. second trimester I had a little more energy and less sickness and now entering my last trimester I am feeling pretty good.

Last weekend we were given a couple baby shower here in midland. It was wonderful and everything was just beautiful, the food was delicious and as always the company was great! We have been blessed with such great friends here...who knew we would all end up here! ha! here is a picture of the beautiful decorations...

Here are pics of the nursery...for's in the beginning stages! but you get the idea...excuse the clutter on the floor. those are presents from the couple sweet...minus the jumperoo which I set up tonight! so exciting.

We are so excited and can't wait for 14 more weeks until he gets here! yay! He's already a strong little guy..kicking and moving which most of the times feels like he is doing tae-bo in my belly. such a wonderful feeling though! pregnancy so far has been great with no problems and hopefully it'll continue that way!

Travis and I also had our first birthing class on monday...went good. we watched a video of the stages of labor. We will miss next weeks class but we'll pick up with birthing/breathing techniques, so it should get interesting. I'll keep you posted.

I know everyone wants to see what Ty is doing to my belly so i'll post a pic soon for now this will have to do...this is before the shower..and yes, i have started decorating for christmas already! :)

ta ta for now! oh but first here is a shout out of my precious now 7 month old nephew Brady who is crawling and pulling himself up like a cute!