Rollin' with the Roby's

Friday, May 11, 2018


perfect beginning to the new year...
HEllo 2018!! 

Dr appts and Snow!!!

Claire has LOVED her "maker" from Santa..

Ferdinand at the movies...

playing with neighborhood friends..

finally the sun came out!!

a girl and her doll..

college T-shirt day..

guess who "helped"

watching Faith run at Tech Indoor track..

sunday vibes..

Friday, February 23, 2018


NYE was spent at home together...claire had another visit to the, we stayed low! and rang in the new year with my favorites...

bring on 2018!!!

black eyed peas and cabbage...gotta have it!! 

Lankford christmas...

Once santa gifts were seen, played with and we were ready to leave...we headed to the lake for lankford christmas..

sun was out christmas day for some outdoor time...but then cold/windy/rainy weather came and we stayed indoors. 
but, kids had each other..and so did adults.
meme and leon came for a it was the whole fam! 
lots of games played..had state fair bingo was a family hit! lots of cuddles, relaxing, fire places, smores , food and drinks! 
always a great time when we are all together..

christmas eve and santa...

Christmas was fun this year...
The kids each only wanted one little gift this year (well, ty was an, it made chirstmas fun when they were given the one thing they really wanted. 
We love and agree with the "experiences" gift...we do, camps, travels, trips, etc...but we still love getting our kids gifts. 
we always do our little families christmas on christmas eve....this year, we did a breakfast and stayed in lounge wear all day...nothing fancy...just relaxing, enjoying each other. 

chritmas morning...the kids woke up to santa...
Ty got his: xbox one/madden game, and nerf gun, 
Hanna: "purse" and brush keychain
Claire: "maker" baking mixer
Jake: bike
and a bunch of other stuff..

They were all so excited..which makes it all worth it.
from their big gifts to the fruit snacks stocking stuffer...each year it just gets better. 

this christmas was also a little different feeling bc so much sickness was going around...and jake and claire feel victim...especially claire. bless her little heart had a major breathing/lung flaire up and just can't stop coughing...after numerous meds, dr trips, breathing tx's, eve we were back at dr. but that z pack really helped her...but, it was a weird feeling. when you try and get in the christmas spirit but when you don't feel well or your kid...makes it difficult. 
but, we still had a wonderful wonderful, blessed christmas and we are so very thankful for all our many blessings. 

merry christmas 2017!!!